Embroidery and Monogramming Services

Embroidery and Monogramming

Embroidery and monogramming to include names, logos and designs. Small to large embroidered names and designs depending on product. Several different font styles to chose from. Name brand apparel at a low cost.

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Digitizing services available.

What is digitizing?

Digitizing is the process of converting artwork into a digital code that can be read by today's advanced embroidery machines. The digital image file of your logo or emblem that you send us is a starting point, but the “digitized” logo that we create will be in a format that only digital embroidery machines can use. This digital code provides the instructions to the embroidery machine’s operating system which, in turn, tells the embroidery machine’s frame how to implement the custom logo embroidery.

We would need your graphic logo emblem attached in a .bmp, .jpg, .gif, or .pdf file format.


Personalized Customer Service

We care about giving you the best customer service available. We are always available to answer your questions via phone or email. If you don't see a design or product you are looking for, we can get it. Any question you might have we will answer promptly, if not immediately!


Gift wrap is available

Gift Wrap

Gift wrap is available on every item!

We have...

  • Giraffes with Orange Ribbon or
  • Berry Branches with Cream Ribbon

$5.00 ea

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